Friday, July 31, 2009

I love being an Aunt!

Last weekend we went to Panguitch Lake for the annual Dickinson family reunion. We had a good time visiting with family and eating of course. My Mom and her husband Don having been working very hard on building their cabin up there and it looks great! I really enjoyed getting to visit with my sister Robyne. She lives in Idaho and we don't get to see each other very ofter so it was really fun being with her. The two pictures above are two of my sweet little nieces. Hailey is the blond and Mercedes is the brunette. I love being an Aunt! My brothers ans sisters have blessed with lots of little nieces and nephews. I love each one of them. It's so fun to hear their stories and the funny things they say. Mercedes use to never talk now you can't get her to stop talking. I love it! Hailey has the most beautiful smile. She's always smiling! What cuties! I have lots of other nieces and nephews I'll have to write about later. Too many to mention in one post. I am just so blessed to have a great family!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Birthday Time for Katy!

On July 17th 1991 a beautiful red headed little girl entered our family. She weighed in at 6lbs. 2oz. and 19 inches long. It was such an exciting day for our families. Katy was the first grandchild born on both sides of the family. So many family members came to the hospital to welcome her into the world. Mike and I were so excited to see her and we had chosen to not find out what we were having. I remember right after she was born my Mom saying it's a girl. I wanted a little girl so bad. It was just like a dream come true to be a Mother. Any of you that know me know that I am a baby freak. I love to hold them, smell them and just cuddle with them. I finally had one of my own. From the minute they put her on my chest I was in love. I was scared to death that I wouldn't know how to take care of her or that something would happen that I wouldn't know how to deal with, but we managed. The day my Mom left us to go back to Cedar City I cried I was just sure I would not know how to be a Mom. It all worked out and Mike and I were a pretty good team. He helped me with her so much and was a darling Dad to her.

I just can't believe that she's now 18 and headed off to College. Katy has grown into a mature, compassionate, beautiful young woman that I am proud to call my daughter and friend. All of you young Mothers that are wishing away the 2 year old stages or other things enjoy it because it goes by way too fast. I love you Katy! You are an amazing person that I adore.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


In June after Katy's big graduation we headed off to Cancun for an even bigger celebration. After a little rough start at the airport we had a great trip. Mike's parents were suppose to go with us, but due to a passport issue it didn't work out. We sure missed them, but hopefully next time we will get to go with them. We did lots of swimming in the fabulous pools and the beach. There's nothing like the beach to me. I love the warmth of the sun, sand between my toes, and playing in the waves. Oh how I wish we could afford to go every year. The kids got to swim with dolphins, which was so fun. Eric was not keen on having to kiss the dolphin, but he was a sport. We went to see Mayan ruins and just had a great time. There were many other things we wanted to see, but we will be back and we'll explore other things next time. The guacamole was so delicious! I love family vacations. So many great memories involve vacations we have taken. It was hard to say goodbye to the beautiful water and head home, but life has to go on. I am just grateful for the fun times together as a family!