Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend with Mom!

This past weekend my Mom came to my house for a visit. Of course I didn't take any pictures sure wish I had. My Mom got remarried about 5 years ago, which has been such a blessing in all of our lives, but I have to admit at times I miss my time with my Mom. She was single for so many years that I got use to the time we spent with each other. This weekend we shopped, went to lunch and just had time to chat. Yesterday we went to church together to listen to some old friends give their missionary homecoming address as we sat there side by side at one point my Mom scratched my back. I thought back to all the times she's scratched my back. I almost started to cry. The comfort I have felt all these years just from the gentle touch of my Mother. My kids love to have their backs scratched whether it's by me or their Grandma's. I think there's something special about the nurturing touch of someone who is special in your life. I remember my Grandma scratching my back and loving it. I have been so blessed to have so many special people in my life. So I think the next time my kids ask for me to scratch their backs I am not going to resist just enjoy the time we have together and remember the special people in my life that have nurtured me along the way. Thanks Mom for spending time with me this weekend and reminding me to take time to make my kids feel special!