Sunday, April 18, 2010

Eric's Ordination!

Last Sunday Eric was ordained a Priest. I of course have no pictures from the occasion. I seem to be a bad Mom when it comes to capturing memorable moments on camera. So the picture up above is of Eric and the Hughes boys at Disneyland a few years back. The Hughes have been our friends for many years. The Hughes have three boys. Alex is their oldest (5 months younger then Katy). Curtis is 1 week younger then Eric and Parker is 12. So our kids have grown up together.

When it came time for Eric to be ordained I asked him who he wanted to do it and he said he'd like Alex to do it. I was so impressed that Eric thought so much of Alex to ask him. He's always looked up to Alex. In the circle that day was Alex, Curtis (he had just been ordained right before our meeting), Terry, Don, Bishop Rueckert, Bro. Newhouse, and Pedro Fajardo. There have been many great men in Eric's life to step in and perform priesthood duties on his behalf. I have always been so grateful to all of those men. I am thankful to Alex to be such a great example to my son. He was worthy to be able to perform this special ordinance. His example of preparing to serve a mission in the near future is a blessing to his family and ours. Once again great friends and family blessing our life!


This past week I went out to dinner with most of the ladies that served in my first Young Womens Presidency. Of course I forgot my camera so no picture. It was so nice to get see so many of them. Since my ward split a while back I don't even get to see them at church. As we sat there talking for hours I realized how much I have missed spending time just being with good friends. That is not to say that I don't ever get together with friends, but recently I have felt such a void in my life. In the ward I am currently in I don't really spend a lot of time hanging out with the women there. I think a lot of it is due to the stage of life I am in right now. I don't have small children anymore and I work full time along with going to school. It's not anyone's fault it's just the way things are. It was so nice to just be with ladies and catch up on each of our lives. It made me think about how much I need interaction with good friends. I need to be able to share my feelings, go over the struggles and triumphs in my life. We as women need to take time for ourselves and nourish our friendships. In a couple of weeks I will head off to my annual 2 days at BYU Womens Conference. It is such a great time to spend with family and friends. Another chance to spend time with great friends. Just as our kids need good friends in their life, we as women need the same. I am so grateful for wonderful friends in my life that make me laugh, cry with me, and inspire me to be a little better.