Monday, December 28, 2009

We Are Family

I know I haven't posted in such a long time and this post is mostly me just needing a place to put my feelings down. So I apologize now to all of you that may not want to hear my ranting so with that in mind you may want to just ignore this post now.
I love the song "We Are Family" (I think by Sister Sledge). What does it mean to be a family?
Due to a recent incident, I have spent some time pondering our relationships as family members. How is that sometimes we hurt the people we are suppose to love the most? I grew up in a large family and I can tell you many great qualities each of my siblings have. I could probably tell you some that aren't so great just as they can do the same with me. When we were little my brothers and sisters got on my nerves, but I can tell you that I adored each one of them. To this day they are some of most favorite people. I know at times I say and do the wrong things. I hope that they will forgive me and look beyond my imperfections. I wonder if sometimes we let silly things that get said destroy our relationships. Do we look for reasons to be offened when no offense was meant? I have done that at times. I honestly think that most of us never intend on offending each other. We are just human and say the wrong thing or don't think before we say it. I feel so strongly that when we are a family we need to overlook the small things that we choose to turn into much more than was ever intended. This life is meant to be a place that we build relationships as families not destroy them.

I guess what I am really trying to say is that I am sorry if I have offended the people I love the most. I understand now what my Mom has always said "that someday it will just be you and your brothers and sisters will you be friends?" I hope to always be close to my siblings and teach my children that there is no greater joy in life then being close as a family. I know this makes no sense to many of you, but it's a reminder to me to overlook the silly things in life and if something really bothers me to discuss it with that person. I think when we really sit down and discuss things we find out that people really never meant to hurt us. I love all of my family members and hope that our realtionships will only grow to be stronger throughout the years. Life is way to short to spend time being mad and not enjoying life together. Some of the best advice my Mom gave me on my wedding day was not to sweat the small stuff.