Monday, January 23, 2012

Hanging out with my boy!

Yesterday Mike headed to New Mexico for a business trip, which left me and Eric home together. Eric had to work until 6. When he got home we had pizza and watched football together. Now anyone that knows me, knows I don't really love football until it gets to the end of the season. Yesterday I watched football all day. Eric was completely shocked that I would spend the day watching a sport I don't really enjoy. The last game of the day was the 49ers. I have liked the 49ers ever since Steve Young was on the team (I have a tiny crush on him) so I had to watch. Unfortunately the 49ers lost....bummer. It was a great night of just hanging out with Eric. This morning when Eric was leaving for school he said Mom that was really fun hanging out with you last night. Now that's what every Mom loves to hear. Such a simple thing just spending time doing something he enjoys. I love being a Mom!