Monday, May 11, 2009

A Wonderful Mothers Day!

Mothers Day was a great day. Saturday night Mike took me shopping for perfume and we went to dinner. I love going on dates with him. Then on Sunday morning I woke up to a note on the floor of my bedroom that said that I had to wait to come out. Katy was making breakfast and Eric had cleaned the kitchen. Katy made pancakes, muffins, and juice with umbrellas in the glasses. I told the kids that I wanted homemade gifts this year. So they bought wood frames and painted them. Then they added a flower and soccer ball to them. Katy put a picture of us in hers with a sweet note on the back. Eric wrote me a note and put it in the frame. They also bought me some pretty flowers. It was really special! I was really touched at all the work they put into it.

Later in the day we played basketball together. The only rule we have is that the girls get to make up their own rules. So basically we foul a lot. I had a great day just being with my little family. All I ever wanted to be was a Mother. I feel so blessed to have great kids and a super husband!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day to my Mom!

Here's a picture of my Mom with one of the many Grandkids (cute Aubrey) at our annual Labor Day Campout. I am so blessed to have the Mother that I do. Today is the day we honor our Mothers and reflect on all the good things they have done in our lives. When I was growing up my Mom stayed home with us until the baby of the family was in school. I loved coming home from school and having her there. She always asked how are day was and listened to the days events. I loved it. When I grew up I couldn't think of a more wonderful job than being a Mother. When all the other kids in High School were planning their careers I didn't have an idea I just wanted to be a Mother just like my Mom.

My Mom had six children (I don't know how she did it)giving birth to six and raising all of us. She was always busy cooking, keeping us organized, and running us to many activities. She did so many things for our family. She sewed many of our clothes to save money. We hardly ever ate out, everynight she came up with some new creation for us to partake of. She spent many hours serving and was a great example to me of lifting the burdens of others. She stretched our pennies far to make the family budget work. She always had time to listen to me no matter how tired or busy she was. She still does this for me today.

When my Mom was 39 my parents got divorced and she did not have a College degree. Faced with lots of uncertainties she headed back to College to earn a degree to help provide for our family. I know it was very hard for her to do this she still had all six kids at home and my youngest sister was just 8 years old. She spent many hours studying and tried to fit all of her Mother duties in to. I was so proud the day she graduated from nursing school. I was so proud to tell everyone that my Mom was a nurse. Just like that day I am proud today to tell everyone that she is my Mother. She's always there for me and listens to my heartaches and joy. She has been one of my best friends and I am so blessed that I am her daughter. I love you Mom!