Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time to Update!

I was told today that I need to do a new post and yes it's true. I was just thinking that the other day, but life is crazy busy as usual. Just a quick update...we flew to Texas a few weeks ago to pack Mike's Mom up so she could move back to Utah. Then we flew home and waited for her to arrive. Now we've been busy helping her get unpacked and settled in her new house in Stansbury. We are so glad to have her close to us again.

Eric celebrated his 17th birthday. I cannot believe my baby boy is 17. I remember when the kids were little my Mom would tell me to enjoy my time with them because it will go by fast. Once again Mom was right. I know she loves when I say that. They have grown up so fast and at times I get a little sad wondering where all the time went.

Eric went to his Junior Prom last weekend. Pictures are coming as soon as I find my cable to download the pictures.

Katy is finishing her 2nd year at SUU. I still miss her. It's hard to have her so far away, but such a relief she's getting to spend time with my family in Cedar City. Katy got an internship for the summer working with the Obama campaign (yes she's a political science major). So she will be moving home for the summer. It will be nice to have her here.

I am still so busy with school. I am really needing a break right now. I am debating on taking the summer off, but we'll see.

Well there's a quick update. I will get on the ball soon and be better at blogging. I keep telling Katy she needs to make my blog cute so hopefully she'll take pitty on my lack of creativity.