Monday, November 30, 2009

My 40th Birthday!

I am a little slow getting this posted with everything going on it has taken me awhile. On November 14th I turned the big 40. I really wasn't dreading it like I thought I would. Age is in the attitude or something like that. It's funny to hear these young girls at work talk about how old they feel because they are turning 30. I just kind of laugh. I remember saying that too and now 30 seems like a baby to me.
The day before my birthday Mike and the kids took me to Park City for the night. We had a wonderful steak dinner and just hung out together. On my birthday we went shopping (one of my favorite activities) at the outlets and then headed home. Katy had planned a special birthday party for me. Katy, Eric, and Marissa (Katy's best friend) spent a lot of time making and decorating my birthday cake. It was beautiful, but I was a little concerned when they warned me that I may not want to eat it. They were afraid the black frosting would stay on my teeth for an extended period of time. Mike bought us dinner from Cafe Rio and we ate on china. Katy went to a lot of trouble to make everything so nice. She decorated the house, set the table with china and we ate by candle light. It was just our little family plus Marissa (she's one my kids too). After dinner we played cards. The birthday cards that everyone gave me were the best part. It was just a really great day. Everyone should feel special on their birthday and I definitely did. If any of you are dreading an upcoming birthday just embrace it and look forward to what the next year will bring!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

We're Going To Miss Grandpa Frank!

This past Tuesday Mike's Dad Frank passed away peacefully at home. We went to Texas only two weeks ago to see him due to his declining health. What a blessing that was for us to see him one last time. We will forever be grateful we followed our hearts and went to visit. Although we are saddened we are relieved that he is out of pain and reunited with loved ones that passed before him.

Grandpa Frank was an incredible Grandpa. He loved holding babies and always jumped at the opportunity to hold our kids or any other sweet baby near by. He always made Katy and Eric feel like they were the neatest kids in the world. He was very good at drawing and spent lots of time drawing pictures with the kids. When we played Pictionary everyone wanted to be on his team. When he played games with us we knew there would be lots of laughs in store. Grandpa loved vacationing in Mexico and was kind enough to take us with them. Now we love Mexico just as much. We will cherish the many memories of vacationing in the water and the beach with him.

Anyone that knew him knew he was intelligent and very well informed on politics. He was a master musician. I was always so amazed that he taught himself to play the piano and boy could he play. Mike's cousin recently posted a video of Frank playing the piano and Katy has spent many times this week watching it. Anyone that knew him knew that he had a deep love for Grandma Lynn. He adored her! He was so proud of his two children Mike and Cheryl. He accepted me into his family nearly 20 years ago. Always respecting my beliefs and making me feel like I was a valued part of the family. He always supported Katy and Eric in everything they did. Whether it was dance performances, soccer games, baptisms, primary programs and the list could go on. He was a generous man. Always eager to help another person. Whether it be playing the piano at special functions, letting people live with them when they needed a helping hand, and even taking in stray cats looking for a home. Frank took the time to get to know my family. My brothers and sisters always felt like he was truly interested in them. He accepted my family just like they were his family.

I am a better person for knowing Frank Keil and feel so blessed that he helped raise a son that respects me, treats me with compassion and love. I am so thankful my children felt like when they were with their Grandpa they were truly special. It will be a great reunion one day when we meet again. We love you Grandpa Frank!