Sunday, March 21, 2010

I have an Eagle Scout!

Yesterday was a wonderful day. Eric had his Eagle Court of Honor. I was such a proud Mom. I have two brothers that are Eagle Scouts and i don't think I ever realized what exactly they had to do to achieve this great accomplishment. I can now truly appreciate their perseverance.

I think of the people that have influenced Eric in achieving this great accomplishment and the first person I think of is my sweet husband Mike. He has supported our kids in everything they are involved in. Now Mike was not much of a scout himself, but as soon as Eric got involved, there Mike was too. I remember him spending hours with Eric helping him make his first pine wood derby car (which took first I might say). Anyone that knows Mike knows that he really doesn't enjoy camping, but that didn't stop him from going to scout campouts with Eric. Yesterday the Scout Master said that if he asked who Eric's best friends are he would bet that his Dad would be on the top of the list and I have to agree.

I also think of Keith Stewart. Keith has been in Scouts with Eric more years than I can count. Keith himself is an Eagle Scout and he had it in his head he was going to help these boys achieve the same goal he had. Keith is one of those men that never stops giving. Always devoting hours, money, and encouragement to help young boys grow into men. If it weren't for Keith I am not sure Eric would have been able to achieve this goal. Keith is one of those guys that remembers all the Scout leaders in his life that gave their time to him and is giving back to show his appreciation. What a great man!

I also think of Eric's friends that have already gotten their Eagle and have encouraged him to do the same. They also helped him with his project and that made his project that much easier.

It was a great day. Eric so appreciated all the friends and family that came to support him. I think the program went well and he enjoyed his day. I hope Eric will give back to other young men and help them accomplish the same goal of Eagle Scout.