Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's to my Sweethearts!

I love Valentine's Day because we get to spend the whole day thinking about why we love someone so here's my top 5 reasons I love my sweeties. There's lots more reasons, but 5 is a good start.

Top 5 reasons I love Mike....
1. He love's me with all of my flaws and helps me to see when I am wrong and how I can improve.
2. He make's me laugh. He is one of the funniest people I know. Everyone needs a good laugh and he does it for me.
3. He supports me in everything I do. He never complains that I have a church meeting or need to study etc. he just encourages me to do my best.
4. Recently someone commented on my weight loss and said to him you must be so proud of her and Mike said I've always been proud of her. He's loved me no matter what size I am. I wanted to cry that day that meant so much to me!
5. He really listens to me and loves me. If I need to talk I'll say to him I need to talk and sometimes he thinks that's code for he's in trouble and I have to reassure him I just need to talk and he always makes time to listen. He's my best friend and I love him!!

1. I love Katy because she looks for the good in people. She gives everyone a fair chance before she judges.
2. She makes me laugh. She gets that from her Dad. If she weren't my daughter I would want her for a friend because she's o fun to be around.
3. She wants equal rights for everyone. She hates seeing people treated unfairly.
4. Katy is very thoughtful. She thinks about others feelings.
5. Katy is a loyal friend. She stands by her friends and is there for them.

1. Eric is very thoughtful. He's always thinking of my feelings.
2. He is always willing to apologize when he's wrong and always feels sorry for hurting others feelings.
3. Eric is funny. He cracks me up. Thank heavens their Dad passed that trait on to them.
4. He always tries to do his best. He works hard at school and sports so he can accomplish his goals.
5. He gives great hugs. He's always asking me if I want a hug. I love it!

This is why you want them to stay little!

So Thursday night we received a call from Katy crying telling us she got in an accident. I think she was pretty scared to call us for fear we would freak out, but we were fairly calm once we knew everyone was okay. She had two friends in the car with her and got distracted and rear ended another car. As you can see the damage to her car was extensive. The other car looks much better. Just a little damage to the other car. Needless to say Katy's car is totaled since it isn't worth much it won't be worth it to repair. So she'll be riding the bus for awhile. We had already planned to get Mike a new car and send her to College with his old one, but we weren't planning on buying one this soon. If anything happens to his old car it will be a bike for her because we're out of old cars. I am just glad no one was hurt and the people she ran into were so nice about it. She was crying and the man said don't worry about it no one is hurt and that's what is important. What a nice guy!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My baby girl is growing up!

We got some exciting news this week that Katy has been accepted to Southern Utah University. When she opened the letter on Friday I was so excited for her. I also attended SUU my first year out of High School. It is a great campus and I wish I had stayed to complete my education, but life took me in another direction. I think her Dad would have liked her to go to Utah State University, which he attended for one year and loved, but she decided she wanted to pursue SUU instead. The more I thought about her leaving and going to school away from home the more sad I got. I mean I am so happy for her. This is a great opportunity for her to be independent, accomplish her educational goals etc. but I will miss my wonderful daughter. She's such a good girl and I love her. She's thoughtful and makes me laugh. The comforting thing for me is that my Mom, Sister, Brothers, and Grandparents all live in Cedar City so she will not be there without any family. Any of young Mothers that feel like you are going crazy at times with your little ones realize it goes by so fast. I remember being one of those Mom's that couldn't wait for my kids to grow up so life would be easier. I miss those days at times. It goes by way too fast.