Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's to my Sweethearts!

I love Valentine's Day because we get to spend the whole day thinking about why we love someone so here's my top 5 reasons I love my sweeties. There's lots more reasons, but 5 is a good start.

Top 5 reasons I love Mike....
1. He love's me with all of my flaws and helps me to see when I am wrong and how I can improve.
2. He make's me laugh. He is one of the funniest people I know. Everyone needs a good laugh and he does it for me.
3. He supports me in everything I do. He never complains that I have a church meeting or need to study etc. he just encourages me to do my best.
4. Recently someone commented on my weight loss and said to him you must be so proud of her and Mike said I've always been proud of her. He's loved me no matter what size I am. I wanted to cry that day that meant so much to me!
5. He really listens to me and loves me. If I need to talk I'll say to him I need to talk and sometimes he thinks that's code for he's in trouble and I have to reassure him I just need to talk and he always makes time to listen. He's my best friend and I love him!!

1. I love Katy because she looks for the good in people. She gives everyone a fair chance before she judges.
2. She makes me laugh. She gets that from her Dad. If she weren't my daughter I would want her for a friend because she's o fun to be around.
3. She wants equal rights for everyone. She hates seeing people treated unfairly.
4. Katy is very thoughtful. She thinks about others feelings.
5. Katy is a loyal friend. She stands by her friends and is there for them.

1. Eric is very thoughtful. He's always thinking of my feelings.
2. He is always willing to apologize when he's wrong and always feels sorry for hurting others feelings.
3. Eric is funny. He cracks me up. Thank heavens their Dad passed that trait on to them.
4. He always tries to do his best. He works hard at school and sports so he can accomplish his goals.
5. He gives great hugs. He's always asking me if I want a hug. I love it!


gmakathy said...

What nice thoughts about each. All true, too. Love you all. Happy Valentine's Day.

The Dixie Six said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Love you all!

The Jensen Family said...

Hey Ang, I hope that Lincoln grows up to be just like your son. He asks to give hugs currently but he is only 6. Tell me it will remain that way. Your family is very cute and fun!