Monday, May 11, 2009

A Wonderful Mothers Day!

Mothers Day was a great day. Saturday night Mike took me shopping for perfume and we went to dinner. I love going on dates with him. Then on Sunday morning I woke up to a note on the floor of my bedroom that said that I had to wait to come out. Katy was making breakfast and Eric had cleaned the kitchen. Katy made pancakes, muffins, and juice with umbrellas in the glasses. I told the kids that I wanted homemade gifts this year. So they bought wood frames and painted them. Then they added a flower and soccer ball to them. Katy put a picture of us in hers with a sweet note on the back. Eric wrote me a note and put it in the frame. They also bought me some pretty flowers. It was really special! I was really touched at all the work they put into it.

Later in the day we played basketball together. The only rule we have is that the girls get to make up their own rules. So basically we foul a lot. I had a great day just being with my little family. All I ever wanted to be was a Mother. I feel so blessed to have great kids and a super husband!


Km said...

We love your cute family!

Robyne's Memories said...

What a fun day! I can't believe how tall Eric has gotten! Love you lots!

Cheryl Whitney said...

beautiful day it sounds like!!!
I love Mother's Day....don't you think that with great kids, it feels like mother's day alot??? I know I do!!! Glad your day was awesome too!!!
We miss you guys!!!!

✯Jer + Lu✯ said...

What a lovely mother's day! Their gifts turned out so cute. And I love the little umbrellas in your juice!

Jen A. said...

Bet you wish every day was Mother's Day after that one! I love the idea about the kids making something...I'll have to remember that when they get older!