Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goodbye to Polly!

A couple of weeks ago we had to put our cat Polly to sleep. She was 12 years old and had gotten sick. We tried a few different things to help her, but finally decided that putting her to sleep was probably the best thing to do.

I am not really a huge cat fan, but she really was a good cat. The thing that made her even more special was the fact she was one of Mike's parents kittens. When their cat had kittens there were 4 of them. The kids were little when they were born so they loved to look at the baby kittens. One day Katy came home from her visit with Grandma and Grandpa and told me all the names that her and Grandpa had come up with for the kittens. They were some pretty silly names (Grandpa Frank was always good for a laugh). Then Katy told me that her Dad told her she could have one of the orange cats since it had the same color of hair as her. Thus we ended up with Polly. Mike actually named her Pollyester from a character on some show. We lovingly referred to her as Polly.

We have never lost a pet before and it was a very difficult decision. I took these pictures of the kids with her the day before she died. Eric's picture kind-of tells how he felt about it. It was a very sad day for our whole family. Pets really are a big part of your family. We are grateful that Polly was a part of our family for so many years!


Km said...

I'm sad Polly and I never got to forge a great bond. But she was a very cute pet. They do become part of your family and it is hard to let them go.

Jer + Lu said...

What a sweet kitty. Sorry for your fam!