Monday, August 8, 2011

Freaking Out!

Today I am having a slight panic attack. I am sure it is due to a lack of sleep. I started my new job working in Labor and Delivery and worked last night. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep today. It just hit me that in a year from now we could be empty nesters. Eric will be starting his senior year of high school in a couple of weeks and then who knows what he will decide to do. I can't even bare the thought of having a house without any of my kids here. I miss my Katy so much.

I start school again in 3 weeks. This will be one of my hardest semesters. I will be taking 3 classes rather than 2 and they are rough ones. Thus another reason for my anxiety. Part of me wants to give up on this school thing. I feel like I've been going FOREVER. I just don't know when I will be done. I know I can't quit Mike will kill me, but sometimes I really want to.

Like I said earlier I started a new job this week. I have wanted to work in OB for so many years. I am so excited to have the opportunity to learn and be challenged. I am a little nervous about all the things I need to learn, but it will be a nice new challenge.

Okay now that I've got it on paper now maybe I can stop freaking out and go with the flow of things and stop worrying. I know it will all work out but sometimes I get overwhelmed with all these thoughts going on inside my silly head.


Km said...

You will do great! You always do. Look at how much you have accomplished. Just take your time it doesn't matter when you finish just that you finish and you will. You will be stronger and appreciate it more after all of the work. You are amazing you can do hard things!

Matty and Jen-i said...

I really know exactly what you're going through! Don't give up.. you are so close and all your hard work will pay off before you know it!!

Joni Marie Marshall said...

My mom was so sad when we left the house. I just remember my grandpa telling her that I had wings & she had to let me fly .... My mom was still sad though.

Good luck with school! It is worth it in the end .... Just a long road getting there.

I just think you are PERFECT for labor & delivery for whatever it is worth .... And I think less sleep just increases emotions ..... I'm in that stage with my baby now of not sleeping much .... I'll be a zombie with you :)

I really miss you!!!

Jer + Lu said...

Hope you're still hanging in there! You have been so incredibly tough to make it this far- don't give up now! Still loving L&D?