Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Grandma and Diego!

This past weekend we were in Cedar City visiting my family. I love time with family. My Grandma has always loved holding the babies. Every time my Mom had a baby Grandma headed to our house to stay and help for a week or so. Grandma has aged so much in the year that Grandpa has been gone. She's so frail and thin, but she always gets a smile on her face when this sweet little boy comes to visit. My nephew Diego is adorable. My Sister Kari waited a long time for this little boy. He has been such a blessing in all of our lives. It's so fun to see how all the nieces and nephews interact with him. Kari was pregnant with Diego when Grandpa passed away. I think Grandpa spent some time telling Diego all about the family he was coming to. I am sure he gave him some advice and even shared a joke or two. When I look at Diego I see Grandpa. I am so thankful for the old and young in my life that bless it everyday. I love seeing the joy this sweet little guy has brought to our family!

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Km said...

Made me cry. Thanks for sharing. Love you!