Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Las Vegas

Last week we took a small vacation to Las Vegas. We had a great time visiting with Mike's cousin Cheryl and her husband Paul. They are such great people and we love spending time with them. I always refer to them as the long lost relatives. Long story, but we're so grateful Cheryl found us. Better late than never!
Cheryl's husband Paul works at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas so he treated us to wonderful dinner and the tour of the hotel, it's beautiful! They treated us like royalty. It was a short visit, bit we loved our time there. Their son Jeff treated the kids to a zip line ride down Fremont street. Katy said she almost chickened out, but it was a thrill. Here's some pictures from our getaway.

It was just so nice to be all together. Now that Katy's on her own that doesn't happen much. We also had a great time visiting with my family in Cedar City. Being with family always makes me happy!

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Km said...

Hey where did you get those sexy shoes? And why didn't I get to see them? Next time us girls need a Vegas trip. Love ya!