Sunday, October 12, 2008


Homecoming was on October 4th. Katy went with her friend TJ. They went to PF Chang's for dinner, then the dance. She also went to the Homecoming game the night before. The Cowboys played Bear River. Unfortunately it was a loss for the Cowboys... Again. The girls all cheered from the stands. This will be Katy's last Homecoming :(


Km said...

Katy you look so beautiful! I loved going to my high school dances.

gmakathy said...

WOO HOO...another blog to stalk. What a fun way to keep track of the family and all their activities. Thanks, Ang. look "ravishing" in your beautiful green dress.

Eric...keep up the good work. You'll be another Michael Phelps in no time.

Love you all.

The Dixie Six said...

Glad you joined the club! :) This is a great way to keep up on everyone!

Caldwell5 said...

Katie you look so beautiful did you have lots of fun. So glad you guys have a blog I love mine it is so much fun. good job Eric that is awesome about the swimming.