Friday, October 31, 2008

End of the Soccer Season

Well the end of another soccer season has come. This is a picture of Eric, Mike, Keith, and Andy. Keith is the assistant coach and Andy's Dad. I really appreciate all the help he has given Mike with the team. He's a great guy and puts a lot of time in to make things run smoother. As many of you know Mike has coached Eric's soccer team since he was 5 years old. We signed Eric up when he was 5 to play soccer and no one else would volunteer to coach. Mike didn't want to do it because he never played soccer he was a baseball player, but he wanted Eric to be able to play so he decided he'd learn the game. He's spent so much time certifying to be a coach, being on the soccer league board, preparing practices, tracking down uniforms, leaving work early to make it to practice, running many soccer errands and so much more just to make the game fun for Eric and the other boys. Mike tells me this will be the end of his coaching, but I can tell it is a hard decision for him. His job has gotten much more demanding and his time to do soccer is not there. Everytime he's gotten frustrated with coaching I've reminded him that he's doing it for Eric. I know that Eric will never forget all the time he spent with his Dad doing soccer together. I really appreciate that Mike has sacrificed his own time to spend it making memories with his son. He's such a great Dad! So we'll see if this is really the end of the coaching or if he can't stand it and ends up doing it again. No matter what happens I love him for being such a great Dad and Husband.


The Dixie Six said...

Mike is a great Dad! I have always admired how much he is involved in your kids lives. You married a great man.

Km said...

What a guy! He has been a great help for all of us other parents who became instant coaches because of "the impending forfeit." I know all of his teams have been so lucky to have him.