Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our week!

Okay so I don't have really any exciting things going on and since I use my blog for a journal this post is really just for me. Don't feel compelled to read all of our not so amusing weeks details.

I went to my second week of school on Monday night. Yikes I thought my Computer class was going to be easy I think I may have thought wrong. I know how to use a computer, but I don't know all the details on bits, bytes, speed, and by the way did you know there lots of different names for viruses like worm, trojan horse and others? I expected my Nutrition class to be a lot of work, but not Computers. Needless to say I was alittle overwhelmed Monday night and left feeling once again like can I do this. I hate when you doubt yourself. I guess I need to have more faith and know that I can do it especially if I rely on the Lord to help me.
I am also way excited to start clipping coupons and save my family some money. My friend Miriam is giving a lot of good advice on how to save more money and I am excited to get going. Now when I was a stay at home Mom I did a lot of coupon clipping and shopped for all the good deals, but since I've been working and going to school life has gotten more busy so I let it go, but I think I can find the time to do it again. A lot of this I already know, but all the coupons on the internet are new to me so that has been a good bit of info. I'll let you know how it goes.

Mike spent Wednesday night at the hospital. He's perfectly fine, but had some chest pain Tuesday night and more on Wednesday at work so he decided he should have it checked out. We were shocked when he went to the ER and they ran tests that came out normal, but wanted to keep him over night to observe him and run further tests. For any of you local people wondering if he stayed at our local hospital the answer is yes. They were great with him and he was as happy with the care as he would have been in the city. I realize I work there so I am a little bias, but we really appreciated the great care he received. All the tests came out normal and he's just fine. He was very happy to get home and sleep in his own bed.

Katy is working really hard to get everything in line for graduation. She got a lot done on her to do list this week for school and we were really happy about that. The new semester starts this next week and she's going to do an internship at one of the local Medical Clinics so she's looking forward to that. She helped a lot Wednesday night when her Dad was in the hospital. It was so nice that she could drive her brother to the places he needed to be. She's a great help!

Eric has a had a very busy week. He has been in a Social Dance class at school and they performed on Tuesday and Wednesday night. We attended on Tuesday night and he did a great job. He did a waltz, cha cha, and the 16 step. It wa so fun to see him dance again. He took ballroom dance for 2 years a few years back, but soccer became the preferred activity. Then on Thursday he had a swim meet. He's almost done with swimming and I think he's a little relieved. Anyone that knows Eric well knows that he's a home body. So this past week was a lot for him. Let's just say I think he won't be leaving the house much this weekend.

Well as you can see it's been a busy week and a little stressful. I am so thankful Mike is okay. I don't know what I would do without him. I am also so grateful to have great children that step up and help when it is needed.


Km said...

Wow and I thought I was busy. I'm glad Mike is okay too! We just love him to pieces.I'll give you the advice you have been giving me about school. You can do it! I don't know why we sisters are such doubters. We really should give ourselves more credit. Tell the kiddos Hi.
Love, Kari

The Dixie Six said...

I hope Mike is feeling better. What a scare. Good luck with your classes!

Tell the 'teens' hello. I guess I can't call them kids anymore.

Love you,