Thursday, January 1, 2009

To set goals or to not?

Every year at this time I wonder if I should really set any goals or not. I get so tired of setting goals and not accomplishing them. For years I set the same goals of loosing weight, regular scripture study, and family prayer only to do well for about 6 weeks and then fall off the wagon. That's my pessimistic way of looking at it or I guess I could look at it, as atleast we worked at it for a time and were not any worse for trying. Then I think if I never set any goals do I ever really force myself to become any better. Do you ever feel like you're just not progressing? I feel that way often. I wonder if I have taught my children all that they need to know (the answer to that, is not) but I hope I have taught them enough. So I guess as I ponder the goal setting dilema I think I will try again another year to do somethings that will help me be a little better. Maybe the goals will be a little more attainable if I don't set the standard too high. Maybe having family prayer most days instead of everyday will be a good start or maybe losing just 10 lbs, instead of trying to weigh what I did before I had kids (like that will ever happen again). Or maybe just thinking more of others and sending a nice note will be enough this year. So I guess for me I will sit down tonight and think of some ways to better myself this next year. Isn't the important thing to just be trying to become a little better and having joy in the journey?

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gmakathy said...

Go ahead and set them. The point it to be THINKING about how you can do better. If you write them down, it makes them more meaningful and you can look back and see what they were when you forget (or maybe that's just my failing memory). Either way, don't beat yourself up about them, just use them to point you in the right direction this year.
Love you,