Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Proud to be their Mom!

The purpose of this post it not to brag about how perfect my kids are. They are not perfect by any means. They make mistakes and struggle at times, but they truly are great kids. Recently a friend of Mike's told him how great our kids are. She told him that they are polite, friendly, and just great to be around. It made me so proud that others notice them trying to be good people.

Katy wants world peace. She has a favorite necklace of the peace sign. She's my little hippie! She wants equal rights for everyone and is always thinking of others feelings. She looks for the good in people and is a good example to me. I wish I could take credit for her generous heart, but I think she inherited that from her Dad. Katy has a great fondness for elderly people. She's always pointing out some cute elderly person to me.

Eric always wants to do his best whether it be in sports or school. He's always giving me hugs and asking if I am okay. He's always willing to apologize when he's made a mistake. Last week I took him to the bus stop and he had to hurry and get out to catch it. Later in the morning he sent me a text that said sorry I forgot to tell you goodbye and I love you. What a great text to get. It makes paying for the cell phone all worth it.

I am so blessed to have such great kids. They are the joy of my life and I wiil forever be thankful to be their Mom.


The Dixie Six said...

You do have great kids. And credit must be given to the great parents that they have. They have been raised well! We sure love them! And we love their parents too!

Km said...

How sweet!You do have wonderful kids. I love spending time with them and my kids think they are the best! I love so much!

gmakathy said...

I think I might be prejudiced but I kinda think they're great too!!!
You and Mike have done a great job!

amber belmonte. said...

i was SO impressed with them when i met all of you at christmas! katy is just a total sweetheart + you can tell right away that she's extremely genuine! and eric is shy, but i can tell that when you get to know him he's probably more outgoing. he seems to have a great sense of humor like mike + so sweet and loving.

i have to agree with the first comment :) you and mike have raised some pretty awesome kids!

can't wait until we can get together again :)

Miriam Lee said...

YES they are great kids!! Growing up all too fast, but growing up great!! You are a wonderful mom and your kids KNOW you love them!! It is so obvious to all!!!