Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010

Our Christmas was a success. Of course our December was hectic and non stop, but we had an enjoyable time. Mike's Mom and Sister came and stayed with us for the month of December. We had a fun time spending the holidays with them. We attempted to take a family picture for our Christmas Cards, but that was not successful. You would think a family of four could pull off one decent picture, but it wasn't meant to be. Here's a look at one of our attempts:

We went to the Caldwell/Breinholt Christmas party. That's a yearly tradition for my side of the family. We added a white elephant exchange, which made for some good laughs. Here's some pictures of the family.

It's always so fun to get to see our family. I wish it could happen more ofter, but we are all so busy that it just doesn't happen as ofter as we would like. I'll add more later about our Christmas fun.

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