Sunday, November 2, 2008

I've been tagged!

Seven weird/odd things about me!

1. I love purses. I am always wanting a new one. I just get bored with the same one. I get teased by my kids all the time about having a new one. Although Katy likes the one I have now and wants me to get tired of it so she can haveit, but I still like it so it will be a little while before she gets it.

2. I am terrified of heights. I hate being up high. You will never catch me on a roller coaster...hate them. So when we go to amusement parks I sit and watch while my family does all the roller coasters.

3. I am a basket freak. I like buying baskets and then figuring out what I can put in them around the house. Whenever I go to Michaels or Ross I stop to look at them. I have to stop myself from buying them we don't need any more.

4. I always wear earings. I feel naked without them.

5. I atill worry about what other people think of me. You would think at my age (38) I wouldn't care anymore, but I do. Maybe by the time I am 40 I won't care anymore.

6. I hate to put my head under the water. I love to be in the water I just don't like gettting my eyes in it. I hate this and want to conquer this annoying thing about me.

7. I really like sleeping in a tent. Now I'm not saying I love to camp, but I do like sleeping in a tent. I guess I feel like a kid when I do it. I like putting the tent up in the backyard and sleeping it it. It doesn't happen often though.

Now I tag...Kari, Robyne, and Miriam


Km said...

I feel you on the earings one! Also, heights are not my favorite either.

Sullia Something said...

Hey you! I didn't know you had a blog! I'm going to add your address to mine, if you don't mind... and for the record, you don't have to worry about what I think of you 'cause I LOVE YA!!