Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Brother!!

Today is my baby brother Tom's birthday. Tom is 7 seven years younger then me. When we were growing up we all called him Tommy. When we were growing up Tom was very adventurous. He was trying to fix things. He loved to go to Bishop Jeppson's house and help him tinker on his car. He loves hunting, fishing anything outdoors. He loves horses and even made his own fake mechanical bull. He always kept us laughing. Once when we were driving to Texas to visit our Grandma we stopped at a Dairy Queen he went in dressed in shorts and cowboy boots and said as loud as he could "they got a john in here?" We already had all eyes on our large family not to mention our out spoken brother. Tom has grown into a wonderful husband and father. He adores his 3 girls and his wife Chantyl. The thing that I love about Tom is that he is always the first one there to help anyone. He is such a hard worker and helps whenever he can. He helped us put our yard in, laid cement, helped us build our basement and I could go on and on with the things he's helped us with. He gave up his whole summer to help Mom and Don build their cabin. Tom is always calling me just to check in. He's a great brother and we are blessed to have him in our family. I love you Tom!!!

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Mylee said...

Hey you! I am so glad you found my blog and now I found yours! I will definately "invite" you. By the way, you look amazing! Keep up the good work. I bet you feel great! Tell everyone Hi! I can't believe how grown up your kids are...Katie is practically a woman! YIKES!