Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday To My Bestie!

Today is my best friend Colleen's birthday. Colleen and I have been best friends since I was 12 years old. We met at Young Womens, I was so excited and scared to go in with all the girls, but Colleen instantly became my friend. I felt so cool because she's two years older than me and actually wanted to be my friend. We have been best friends ever since. What I love about Colleen is that I can tell her anything and know that she will never judge me. She makes me laugh everytime we're together. She's never too busy to listen. Colleen is one of the most optimistic people I know. She's always looking for the positive side of everything. She's not afraid to be honest with me and let me know when I've made a mistake. When I am with her I want to be a better person. She's a great Mom to 3 cute boys and a devoted wife to her very busy Husband Terry. Every year Colleen and I go to the BYU Womens Conf. together with my sisters and Mom. She's just a part of the family. I love going together because it's always a great time when we're together. I owe Colleen a lot, she's kept many of my secrets,helped me laugh when I wanted to cry and best of all she introduced me to my husband Mike. Colleen is the best and I am so blessed to have such a dear friend!!


Km said...

Yea Colleen! if your reading this...We love you! You are one of the "sisters." Happy Birthday

The Jensen Family said...

Don't forget, her handwriting is beautiful! Happy birthday Colleen