Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Great To Be An American!

Well, it's finally here...election day. My purpose for this post is not to voice my political view points, but to say how excited I am that our country has come along way. Years ago we wouldn't have had the opportunity to vote for an African American for president or a woman for vice president. It has been fun to get our kids involved in discussion about our country. I am just so glad that we live in a country that we have so many opportunities. So if you haven't already voted get out and do it today!


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Jen A. said...

I totally agree. It has been exciting for me to follow all of this (and scary!!!) SOOO many people are NUTS about this year's election out here in Ohio--for both parties. It'll be interesting to see who takes Ohio tonight...(I miss you, too!!!) I saw a car like yours today and I thought of ya...:>